Does My Child Need Braces?

Does Crooked Teeth Mean Braces? When children begin to get their adult teeth, it's natural for parents to wonder about braces. Especially since their growing mouths are still so small, it can seem like they can't have room for all those big, grown-up teeth! But do they actually NEED braces? The answer is... maybe! Get [...]

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Do You Want Straight Teeth?

Options For Straight Teeth Most people don't have perfectly straight teeth. Common problems may include some level of overcrowding, gaps, or various combinations of misalignment. Those that do have straight teeth are either genetically blessed or (more likely) have probably undergone orthodontic treatment. Most individuals begin treatment in childhood or during their teenage years, but [...]

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What Is Malocclusion?

What Does It Mean? When translated literally, malocclusion means "bad bite." It refers to the way your teeth fit together when biting down or in a closed position. In a proper bite, teeth fit together perfectly, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. In the rear of your mouth, each tooth (molar, premolar, and bicuspid) [...]

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Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign in St Clair Shores, MI Our clear aligners are removable and nearly invisible when worn! At Steinberg & Associates, we can use Invisalign to treat crooked/misaligned teeth or to close large gaps between teeth. It's proven to be a tried and true method, and our patients really appreciate the ease and comfort compared to [...]

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Can a Musical Instrument Affect Teeth?

Ever think of asking your dentist which musical instrument you should play? Few people do. But especially for young people, an early dental analysis–before selecting a musical instrument–can be important. Surprisingly, some instruments–woodwind or brass–can actually help some children who have an overbite problem. Yet, the same instrument can make the problem worse in another [...]

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The Makings of a Better Smile

One of the best things about today's cosmetic dentistry is how dramatically your smile can be enhanced with very simple, conservative procedures. All of us differ in terms of our appetite for cosmetic improvement. But a custom plan can be developed that fits your own particular desire—and comfort level—to a "T." A great smile is [...]

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Do You Commit Tooth Abuse?

Especially for Braces Wearers Do you absent-mindedly commit Tooth Abuse? These are habits definitely off limits for the health of your teeth: Don't chomp on a toothpick—it can wear teeth down and get caught in your braces. Stop chewing your nails, pens and pencils—it's hard on teeth and gums. Leave the ice in your drink? [...]

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Impression Material

What is that goo? Whether you need a new denture, braces, or a single inlay restoration, you'll encounter the "goo" dentists use to make an impression - the first step to a perfect likeness of your mouth. In effect, the material you bite into registers a "negative" image, like a photograph. To make a positive [...]

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