Permanent Teeth-in-a-day
Implant Dentistry has come a long way in the last ten years. We now have the technology to perform Implant Surgery and screw in a full arch of teeth all in one day. Even if the patient has existing teeth that need to be extracted, many times we can deliver fixed teeth the same day.

Teeth-in-a-Day, is very advanced, combining implant and prosthetic procedures. I have personally had the pleasure of performing many of these surgeries and I find they are undoubtedly one of the most life changing and rewarding services we offer.

There is an initial appointment or two during which we collect patient records. Often, the first appointment entails a Cone Beam Cat Scan to be taken along with impressions and a detailed medical history. Also, another record taking appointment may be necessary before the actual surgical appointment.

The actual surgical appointment can last up to 4-5 hours. The surgery is only about one hour, while the rest of the time is spent fitting, adjusting and attaching the prosthesis to the dental implants. The number of implants we place depends on the individual case. It may be as few as four implants or as many as eight implants.

When the surgery is complete, the patient leaves the office with teeth that are permanently attached to the implants. The patient will never have to wear a removable denture again. Generally speaking, a second, more structurally sound prosthesis is attached 4-6 months after the surgery is performed.

This whole procedure affords the patient the luxury of total stability and the ability to chew and taste food normally again. As I have personally written in my article “Dentures Are Hazardous to Your Health,” you will enhance and improve your overall health and sustenance by being able to chew nutritious foods again, and we must not forget the important positive psychological and social benefits of permanent Teeth-in-a-Day.

The implant manufacturing company, NOBEL BIOCARE has been a pioneer and educator in the procedures “Teeth-in-a-Day” and “All-on-Four”. I have been trained in both procedures and I have successfully performed several of both. I thank them for the innovation in this area of Implant Dentistry.